Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best time of year to Travel?

You can find good places to travel in Nepal at most of time of the year. However for most areas the best time is from September to May is the best weather for Travel in Nepal. In the rainy seasons the visibility is not clear so there is less chances to see scenic view.

What is a typical group size? Will I fit in?

We pride ourselves in our small group approach to Adventure Travel. Small groups allow you to share great company without crowding your experience. Our typical groups range in size from 2 up to10. One of the attractions of such a trip is the chance to meet people with different backgrounds, intrests and personalities.

What if the dates for the group travel don't fit my itinerary?

If this is the case, we can organize a personalized trek for you. Additionally if you want to spend more time in Kathmandu before or after a climb we can organize the hotels and quote you a price.

How my trip could be guaranteed to run?

If you are group of two and more the trip is guaranteed to run.

Is Nepal safe to travel?

Nepal used to possess an excellent record for tourist safety until recent years. Unfortunately however, tourist confidence in the safety that once existed in Nepal has been endangering sometime due to Demonstrations and strikes occur without notice and can cause major traffic disruptions and shut down all public transport. We advise you to exercise a high degree of caution in Nepal due to the unsure political and security situation.

In the lead up to and period surrounding the 28 May 2010 deadline for the Constituent Assembly to finalize the new constitution has been extend to 28 May 2011, strikes and an increase in violent demonstrations across the country are likely. Please note even in height of conflict (year 2000-2005) no single tourist was attacked or killed by maoists.

Do I need travel insurance?

Personal travel insurance is not included in the tour price. It is a condition of booking a tour with Voyage Villa Travel & Tours, and your responsibility to ensure for type of tours you are undertaking; the policy must include satisfactory cover for repatriation, high altitudes, trekking and climbing, and helicopter rescue. Please forward your insurance details (e.g. policy number, 24-hour emergency telephone number, name of insurance company) to Voyage Villa Travel & Tours when available.

Do I need a visa to visit Nepal?

Yes. You can apply in your home country thorough Nepalese Embassy or Consulate or obtain it at the airport on arrival by paying fee as below:
Multiple entry 15 days: US $25
Multiple entry 30 days: US $40
Multiple entry 90 days: US $100
Note. You also need passport size photo, and suggest you to bring the exact change.VISA fee and rules effective as per 16 July 2008:

Tourist Visa Extension

Visa extension fee for 15 days or less is US $ 30 or equivalent convertible currency and visa extension fee for more than 15 days is US$ 2 per day. Tourist visa can be extended for a maximum period of 150 days in a single visa year (January ā€“ December).

Gratis (Free) Visa

Gratis visa for 30 days available only for tourists of SAARC countries. Indian nationals do not require visa to enter into Nepal.

I am a single traveler. How does this work?

Normally single traveler have no problems fitting in with a group. Normally single trekkers share rooms or lodges with other trekkers of the same sex, but if we have an odd-number we ensure that a room or lodge is organised accordingly.

How will my booking be processed?

To confirm your booking we will require a non-refundable deposit of 30% of total trip cost, which can be made by bank transfer or online through (leading transaction site). The balance is payable on arrival in Kathmandu with cash or traveler cheque. Alternatively this can be made by bank transfer shortly before arriving in Kathmandu.

What types of guide do I expect?

Our tour guides are carefully selected for their ability and are highly experienced and professional. Each guide is trained and has abilities in eco-friendly methods and safety. They help to maintain your health and your happiness as well as his crew members. Our guides are committed to making sure that all our travelers have an enjoyable tour, come back safe and are overwhelmed by their experience. Your guide will be a friend and companion, who take pleasure in showing you his country's specialties.

What is your Kathmandu office contact address?

We are local travel company. You can contact directly any of the following numbers:
Landline: ++977-1-5524966
Mobile:++977-9841-877319, ++977-9841-811738, ++977-9813-139621

We response to our emails very quickly; so you could also write to our email:


Our visit to Nepal was lovely experience and really we had too much fun and my boy 4 years old enjoyed every single minute specially in Chitwan National Park and I would like to take this opportunity to thank Voyage Villa company for arranging and setting up the itinerary for us which it was really well done and Voyage VIlla was really a wonderful organizer and they were ahead of all the details and they had made our trip very organized.
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